Triactol Review

triactol bust serum review Triactol was a breast enlargement serum that was applied daily simply by spraying onto your breasts.

Within the first 7 days of using Triactol you would start to experience an amazing lifting and firming action.

Within just 4 weeks you would have seen the breast enlargement starting to work, with an increase of up to a cup size in the first month.

**ATTENTION** Triactol has now been discontinued. There is a better breast enlargement cream called Total Curve that has better performing active ingredients.

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Triactol could help:

  • Firm and lift breasts after breast-feeding
  • Enlarge small breasts
  • Restore a youthful appearance to breasts

No painful and expensive surgery, no wasting your money on ineffective breast enlarging creams, Triactol will deliver results fast!

Sounds great so far, but you may be wondering how exactly Triactol works to given proven breast enhancing results.

How does Triactol work?

Unlike other breast enhancement creams, Triactol does not contain any synthetic hormones. The safety of synthetic hormones in pills has not been proven, with potential dangers including increased risk of uterine cancer.

That’s why Triactol does not contain any hormones, instead the key ingredient in Triactol is Mirofirm.

Mirofirm is a purified extract of the traditional thai medicinal herb Pueraria Mirifica, which has been clinically proven to aid in significant breast enlargement and firmness.

P. Mirifica only blooms for two months of the year, making this herb a rare and precious source when it is harvested.

Refining P. Mirifica is a sophisticated process, and only the manufacturers of Triactol have put the dedication and quality control in place to be able to use this powerful herb in their breast enlargement product.

In a study carried out by The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand, 82% of participants using Pueraria Mirifica experienced significant breast enlargement.

In addition 88% saw an improvement in breast firmness.

Triactol also contains Vitamin E which is renowned for its skin nourishing properties. It helps cells to fight free radicals and improve the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles on the delicate bust area.

  • No dangerous hormones, parabens, or harmful preservatives
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% pure and natural

Simply spray on Triactol Serum and await your new firmer, larger breasts.

Does it work?

The reason why we rate Triactol as the number 1 breast enlargement product, is the fact that it has extensive clinical research to back up its claims.

Recently, a study was carried out on healthy female subjects to evaluate how effective Triactol is at breast enhancement.

The results were astonishing.

Results of Triactol study

Breast enlargementincrease a cup size

Participants reported significant improvement in breast size after 21 days. 81% had experienced breast enlargement by day 42.

More than half (56%) of the participants went up a cup size in the first six weeks.

Breast lifting and firming

Evidence that the results of Triactol improve over time was most evident with the lifting and firming effect it produced.

75 % reported significant lifting and firming effect by week 3.

By week six, the percentage of participants reporting firmer and lifted breasts shot up to 94%.

Breast appearance

94% of participants noted a marked improvement in breast appearance after size weeks, with a reduction in stretch marks and wrinkles being reported.

Self Confidence

81% experience improved self confidence after using Triactol.

Other benefits

Participants in this experiment also reported several other benefits Triactol had for them.

  • All participants preffered Triactol to other breast enlargement products.
  • 95% though Triactol was easy to apply (just spray it on)
  • Most liked the smell,texture and rate of absorption
  • None experienced irritation or reaction (dermatologically tested)

Is Triactol Safe?

Triactol has been extensively clinically and dermatologically tested.

In a thorough dermatological test, no adverse reactions were reported. No rashes, no red skin, no blotches, no reactions!

Thanks to the paraben, preservative and perfume free formula those with sensitive skin can have complete confidence that Triactol is safe to use.


So does Triactol really work? Here are some testimonials from people who have tried triactol and experienced real breast enlargement results

Triactol after breast feeding

“I am a mother of a 7-year-old boy and, like most breast-feeding mothers, my breasts lost their shape and started to sag.

From the time I tried the Triactol™ Bust Serum trial pack, I’ve experienced unbelievable changes in my breasts !

They look firmer and bigger than before. Thanks Triactol™ Bust Serum !!”

Nicole Schroeder, 32

Boost your self confidence

“Being 44 years old with 4 children, I was excited about trying this product when I first found out about it.

I could feel my breasts become smoother and the brown dots around my nipples faded after about two weeks of using Triactol™ Bust Serum.

It really gave me the confidence to continue using it.

Even my partner noticed my firmer, fuller breasts. My breasts were also uplifted and gave me the confidence to wear my V-cut blouses that showed off my cleavage.”

Zia Farrow, Speech Therapist, 44

Get bigger breasts

“I could feel the fullness around my breasts. The texture and elasticity of my skin has also improved”
Mrs Gwendoline Smith, 42

“It’s easy to apply, totally non-greasy, and my boobs increased by 2cm!! ”

Mrs Danielle Mitchel, 33

Get firmer breasts

“My skin feels smoother and I can feel the breast-firming effect!”

Jennifer Gilbert, 28

Triactol can give you

-An increase of up to a cup size in 4 weeks.

-Noticeably lifted and firmed breasts from just 7 days.

-The confidence to wear those low cut tops and get the attention you deserve.

Where to Buy Triactol

Unfortunately Triactol has been discontinued. For a superior breast enlargement product that contains better performing active ingredients:

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