Top 4 Breast Enlarging Exercises

With around 300k women getting breast implants every year in the USA, clearly there are many women who just aren’t happy with their cup size

You know that getting breast implants isn’t the only way to enlarge your breasts. You may not know about the top 4 best breast enlarging exercises detailed here that can really make a difference to the size of your breasts.


While these exercises can improve the firmness and perkiness of your breasts, therefore making them appear larger, they cannot develop the breast tissue and fat stores needed for permanent enlargement. Only a breast enlargement product like Total Curve can do that for you.

The Exercises below are the top 5 exercises for making your breasts look bigger and perkier:

  1. Wall-Ups are really easy to carry out but that doesn’t mean they give poor results. They are kind of like push ups against a wall. Stand two feet from a wall with your hands palm flat on the wall. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Now fall forward until you touch the wall with your nose and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat.
  2. Flys require the use of dumbells. Take one dumbell in each hand and lie down on the floor or a bench. Start with your arms at shoulder height but straight out to your sides. Move the dumbells up and in so that they touch. Lower them back to the starting position and repeat.
  3. Rotation Push Ups are similar to standard push ups. Place your arms shoulder width apart and go onto your toes in the standard push up position. Go into a low push up but when you come up, twist your chest to the right whilst lifting your right arm. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Elevated Push Ups are a bit harder than rotation push ups but they have better results. Start with your palms flat on the floor in the standard push up position, but put your feet on an elevated object, such as a bench or steps. Carry out a standard push up, or rotation push ups if you feel fit enough.

So there you have 4 of the best exercises that can help you get perkier breasts, and get the appearance of larger breasts. If you want larger breasts that stay bigger you will need to use a breast enlargement product such as Total Curve.

Total Curve is our top rated breast enlargement cream that is all natural and works in just a few weeks to significantly increase your bust size without side effects.

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