Push Up Bra Review

Push up bras give a temporary solution to making breasts appear larger. Breast enlargement creams and pills on the other hand can offer a viable and long term solution to breast enlargement.

So why should you choose bust enhancement creams over a push up bra?


Push up bras have been used for years by women with smaller or sagging breasts in an attempt to give the appearance of bigger breasts. But unfortunately their effect ends at giving an appearance of larger breasts, once they are taken off you are left with the breasts you started with.

Push up bras employ padding made of gel, air or fabric in an attempt to shape the breast and provide uplift. Unfortunately the padding coupled with underwire can make your breasts look unnatural.

Unfortunately many people can tell that you are wearing a padded bra and will guess that you are trying to cover up smaller breasts. Even more unfortunate is the risk of padding falling out (or leaking in the case of gel pads) causing serious embarrassment.

With a bust serum or cream, you do not have the risk of people being able to tell that you are concealing small breasts. This is because they work with your own breasts to create a natural shape. Plus you aren’t concealing anything, you really will have bigger breasts.

Choose a fast acting bust serum if you want the fast results of a push up bra, but with permanent results.


You have probably heard of push up bras like the Wonderbra, and the truth is that the bras that really work are quite expensive.

We tend to buy many bras, particularly for intimate encounters. With the average number of bras each women owns totaling six, this cost can quickly add up for what is only a temporary solution. Also, you may have to replace your bras as they fade in color and get tatty over time.

Using a breast enlargement cream can help you avoid the cost of expensive push up bras. With larger, firmer breasts you may be able to get away with going bra-less with plunging low cut tops instead of buying specially shaped bras.

By applying a fast acting cream to your bust, you can see real long lasting breast enlargement without using pricey bras.

Self Confidence

Although you can get the look of bigger breasts using a bra, the bra still needs to come off whether during intimate encounters or before bed.

Facing a bust you are unhappy with at the end of every day can have a serious impact on your self confidence. For some women, this can go far beyond low self confidence to causing anxiety and depression.

With an effective breast enhancing cream like Total Curve, our product of choice, you could improve your self confidence and get rid of those breast size insecurities.

Total Curve can actually stimulate the breast tissues to expand, as well as visibly lifting and firming them. If you have always wanted bigger, firmer breasts this could be a real option.

Health Risks

Not many people are aware that there is actually a risk of cancer from bra underwires. This is because they are continually pressing on and lifting the breast tissue which can cause tumor formation.

Breast cancer is a debilitating disease, and the recovery is long and difficult. Painful surgery and chemotherapy are common. With 40,000 women dying of breast cancer last year it is sadly still a real risk to women today.

Underwired bras pose a real health risk. When we compare them with natural breast enhancement creams which are free of synthetic hormones and harsh chemicals, breast creams seem like the best option.

Make sure to choose a safe and effective cream, don’t put your health at risk.

Best breast enlargement cream

Total Curve is 100% natural and free from skin irritating ingredients and other chemicals. It can help you increase a breast size in a matter of weeks as well as get visibly firmer breasts.

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