Natural Breast Enlargement Guide

Many women suffer from a lack in self confidence because of the size of their breasts. You may feel like having bigger breasts could have a positive influence on your self esteem and attractiveness.

Before you resort to drastic measures such as breast implants, it is worth considering natural breast enlargement methods first.

Our guide to natural breast enlargement contains four ways to increase the size of your breasts safely and without resorting to expensive or painful measures.

Method One: Exercise

Whilst exercising won’t let you see a dramatic increase in breast size, you should see a noticeable lifting effect if you do these types of exercises regularly. The goal of these exercises is to improve the muscle tone of your pectoral muscles.

Try using dumbells to improve your muscle tone. Some good exercises include raising dumbells out to the sides, straight above your head, and pulling them into the chest and then extending.

Method 2 : Diet

It is a fact of life that thinner women tend to have smaller breasts. And just like there is no way to spot decrease fat, you cannot gain weight in one area without gaining in others. Gaining weight is one way to get larger breasts by gaining fat tissue.

However, if self esteem is an issue, gaining weight will probably not help the way you feel about yourself.

Method 3: Massage

Although this may sound like a method that has been dreamt up by a man, massing your own breasts can actually help them increase in size. In fact, in Thailand they even have spas where you can get a breast massaging treatment.

Unfortunately, it is one method that needs to be repeated every day for a long period of time before you see results. We recommend you use this with our next method for best results.

Method 4: Herbal breast enlargement products

Probably the best method for seeing natural breast enlargement results quickly is by using a herbal breast enhancing cream or pill.

The most popular breast enlargement product I know of is Total Curve. It consists of a easily absorbed cream you apply once a day, and a pill you take each morning. Being totally natural, the risk of side effects is minimized to the point where there are no known side effects. Apart from significant breast growth of course.

If you make use of a herbal breast serum like Total Curve , along with a breast massage technique you could get the breasts you have always dreamed of in just a few weeks.

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