How To Make Your Breasts Larger

Many women lack confidence in their breast size: particularly women who have breastfed.

Whether you are unhappy about breast size, firmness or appearance there are numerous breast enhancing products on the market to help solve your particular problem.

How do you know which breast enlargement method is best? We review popular breast enhancement methods and find out which is the best method of getting larger breasts.


Breast enlargement surgery is a popular means of permanent breast enlargement. Many women do not realise that the permanence can only be achieved by having breast implants replaced every 10 years.

It is also an expensive and painful option. The risks of scarring, rejection and disfigurement puts many women off having breast enlargement surgery.


The Internet is awash with breast enhancing pills. These tend to be placed in two categories.

The first type of breast enlargement pill is the ineffective pill. Some contain ingredients that have little or no scientific evidence behind them. Some are no more effective at breast enlargement than sugar pills.

The second type has a well kept secret. These contain synthetic hormones or herbal ingredients that promote increasing levels of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body. This is what causes your breasts to increase in size.


With natural breast enhancing creams and lotions we are getting closer to the best solution for breast enlargement without surgery or dangerous chemicals.

The very act of massaging the breasts has been claimed to help increase blood flow to the breasts and achieve temporary increase in cup size.

If you couple this with clinically proven breast enlarging ingredients, as in the breast enlargement cream and pill combo Total Curve, you have a powerful combination that can significantly increase your breast size in as little as 28 days.

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