Exercises To Increase Breast Size

Are you a women who is unsatisfied with the size of your breasts? Do not feel bad, as many as 65% of women across the world feel the same way as you do. However, before you run off to that plastic surgeon for some complicated and possibly life threatening procedure under the knife, you might consider doing certain exercises.

You might be surprised just how much you can change the shape of your breasts by simply building up the muscle behind you breasts on top of your chest wall, and rib cage. So many women feel that just because they are female they will never have any kind of upper body strength, nor do they really want to.

Well I’m not talking about building up your chest till you look like some muscle bound freak, I mean simply tightening and toning certain parts of your body to help lift and re-size your breasts. It can be done you know.


A basic one to start off with would be start doing sets of push ups. If you have never done these just start of with a simple set of 5 reps, then increase by one or two every week.

Also if you are a gym member, then use what is called the butterfly machine. Its where you sit and pull two sets of weights, one on each side, and bring them together in a simple quarter turn. This movement can greatly build up your muscle strength in the breast plate area and you will see your breasts start to perk up and not simply sit in sagging position any more.

Start with two sets of five reps at least five days per week. Then increase by five reps or what ever you are comfortable with.

A routine of pull ups can also work very well.

How else can you increase breast size?

Now that is a good start to build up breast size if you are trying to avoid surgery, which I applaud you on by the way. If you want to continue with this natural way of increasing size there are various creams and pills on the market that can help augment your workout routine. Most if not all are completely safe and have been tested with fantastic results.

In the end I just want you to know that there are multiple solutions to your small chested problems. Don’t feel that you will have to be stuck with a small chest, and low self esteem. Some of the products can extremely fast acting, in just a few months of use.

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