Breast Enlargement Pump Review

We review breast enlargement pumps, one of the many breast enlargement methods available on the market, and ask if they are better than creams for natural breast enhancement.

How do breast enlargement pumps work?

A breast pump is used by being placed on the breast at certain times throughout the day, where it creates a suction against the breast. The aim of this suction is to encourage the breast tissue to expand.

Sounds good so far, but the problem is that these pumps do not actually work as advertised. In fact, they merely stretch out the breast skin and can’t actually cause new breast tissue to grow.

The problem with this is that you could end up with a sagging breast effect. Most of these breast pumps are uncomfortable to use and have to be worn for hours whilst being hooked up to a machine, which is hardly discreet.

There are dangers associated with breast pumps in fact that can cause irreversible damage to the delicate breast tissue. You could end up with burst blood vessels, stretch marks and worse.

The more elaborate pumps can run into thousands, so this is quite a costly method that isn’t guaranteed to work.

Compared to breast enlargement creams, the process of using a breast pump at the right time and for the correct duration is cumbersome.

A cream on the other hand is simply applied once or twice a day like a moisturizer so is quite a convenient option.


Some people experience a very small increase in breast size after using a breast pump. Many of these people say that the results were not permanent. Unfortunately, it also took around 6 month to see results. The maximum size increase afforded by a breast pump is around 1/4 to 1/2 a cup size.

On the other hand, creams are shown to work much faster than breast pumps. Some even work in as little as a fortnight. This is because they are absorbed easily by the skin and can get to work inside the breast.

Creams like Total Curve bust serum can also provide clinically proven increases in just a month, which is much more than a breast pump can provide.


Breast pumps may be cheaper than breast implants, but the best pumps can cost thousands. This makes them an prohibitively expensive cost for little results.

Breast enlargement creams also vary in price, but the most expensive and effective ones only run into the low hundreds. This makes them much cheaper than breast implants and breast pumps.

Which Product Should I Choose?

Buying an effective breast enlargement cream is worth the investment if they can give you the bigger, perkier breasts you have always wanted.

Our product of choice is Total Curve, as it contains no synthetic hormones or harmful preservatives and can give impressive breast enlarging results.

Breast pumps may work to some extent, but for an increase of 1/4 cup size the thousand dollar price tag just doesn’t justify the results. Breast enlarging creams are the best option for women who want to have bigger breasts without breaking the bank.

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