Bloussant Pill Review

Bloussant is a natural breast enlargement pill that contains some herbal plant extracts designed to encourage the creation of fatty tissues in your breasts whilst stimulating production of the female hormone Estrogen which in turn leads to breast tissue growth.

The average breast gain claimed with Bloussant is 1/2 cup in 5 to 8 weeks. Although not the highest gains we have seen it still looked promising, until we looked closer at the official Bloussant website.

Bloussant has:

  • No scientific evidence – this pill has not underwent clinical testing to prove that it actually works.
  • No professional endorsement – Although there are positive customer testimonials there is no input from professionals like herbalists or doctors.
  • No refunds – Even though this is one of the most expensive breast enlargement products, you cannot get a refund if it does not work for you.

It is quite disappointing really that what started off looking like a viable breast enlargement option soon doesn’t look so appealing when scrutinized. I wouldn’t want to buy an expensive product with no guarantees that it works. And if it didn’t work I would want my money back.

Our top rated breast enlargement product is a cream and pill combo called Total Curve. Not only does it have the backing of clinical studies to prove it works, it also comes with a money back guarantee.

In just four weeks you could have significantly larger breasts just by using Total Curve breast enlargement cream and pill combo. You get real breast enhancement results without side effects as shown in the in-depth clinical trials carried out on women using Total Curve.

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